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Tips for choosing handicapped platforms for the handicapped?

Undoubtedly the stair climbing platforms are one of the main aids available to facilitate mobility or provide accessibility to people with some type of reduced mobility or with advanced age.
In everyday life there are many situations in which a person in a wheelchair encounters difficulties to access buildings or shops, this situation also occurs many times in the home itself, whether it is a few steps located at the entrance from the community of neighbors to the elevator or access to the different floors of height in single-family homes, a stair lift platform can make a difference.
Although measures are already being taken in new constructions, when granting activity licenses to new businesses or in existing neighborhood communities, where it will be obligatory to make reasonable accessibility adjustments before December 4 of this year, the truth is that It is still very common to find stairs at the entrances without alternative accessible roads (MONTASCALE PER ANZIANI). What do yo…

5 tips to prevent a fungal infection from spreading to other parts of the body

Fungal infections (unha encravada com pus) of the feet are more common than people think. Despite this, there are many people who still feel shame or embarrassment and therefore avoid going to a doctor to receive the appropriate treatment for this health problem.

This bad decision, coupled with poor hygiene habits, increase the risk of extending the infection to other parts of the body , said Columba Julieta Navarro Romero, dermatologist attached to the Regional General Hospital (HGR) 180 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) in Jalisco The specialist warned that a fungal infection in toenails can spread to the face or other parts of the body if not treated in a special and timely manner.
"We always have to check the toenails because it is common for our lifestyle, we do not realize the damage they suffer. If there is an infection, as long as we do not solve it, it is going to be rekindled again and again and expanding to other areas such as the head, face or English, …