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Wireless Networks: Why Industry Leaves the Cable

Wireless networks are now paving the way out of the office and living room and moving towards the factory floor. We take a closer look at the trend.
Wireless technology is becoming more common: there are more and more cases of practical applications beyond the office or living room area for which the technology was originally intended.
Until recently, most network companies relied on fiber-optic cable to support the network infrastructure. These cables are hardwired and the devices are fixed access points ( APs connected APs). Although they allow high transmission speeds and large traffic volumes, the quality of the fiber optic cables deteriorates over time, resulting in signal attenuation and a reduction in data transmission speed. Many of these cables were laid in the late nineties and are now at the end of service life.
As companies evolve and expand, some wired networks have proven to be restrictive: the reason is the way the networks were originally built in the business premise…